Why MIDs are so popular at CES…

Day 2: After a second long day here at CES we wrap up with aching feet and throats from talking all day to hoards of attendees about Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).

But why are these MIDs so popular? Apart from Intel announcing seven new OEMs that will bring MIDs to market, all users young (gen X) and younger (gen Y) agree, they want the full internet on the go.

These new Mobile Internet Devices from Aigo, Clarion, DigiFriends, GigaByte, Lenovo, LG and Toshiba will provide the best Internet experience to consumers in pocketable designs.



What can you do with these? Browse full web pages just as you enjoy them on your PC; download and enjoy music, movies, videos; take your photos with you; find your way with GPS; email; social networking and even stay productive with office applications if you like. Wow.

That is a lot, all in a pocketable form factor. No wonder MIDs are a hit at CES.

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