Thin Is In

Computers are now household items. Like electricity & telephones, computers is a must have. Almost everything is online and almost everyone knows how to get to the web; watch video and read/send emails.

In such a world of consumers where everyone needs and knows about computers, how do companies differentiate?

The form factor of the PC (like design of cars) and the usage experience are becoming very important.

Like cars, which started of when Henry Ford manufactured them in volume, you could buy any car you wanted as long as it is a black model T; nowadays the experience of sitting in and driving a car is very important.

This is the same case for computers and more so in the notebook segment. From square thick black boxes, you can find notebooks that are of different sizes and colors. But the biggest trend seems to be thin. Thin is in. Using Intel’s newly announced processor you can easily target a 0.8mm thin system.

Now that is excitingly thin.

The Lorado Ultra thin concept that was described by Olga Kharif of BusinessWeek as the “World’s thinnest laptop” and which was one of the winners of the Laptop Magazines Mobile Innovation Awards is an example of such a razor thin system. These systems will have great performance, provide excellent battery life and most of all can be very sexy, that consumers will find desirable. I think many of the exciting laptops at the CES show will follow this trend; as “thin is definitely in”.

5 thoughts on “Thin Is In

  1. 0.8mm? Really? Wow, that’s like three hundredths of an inch. The thickness of a few pages of heavy paper. 😉
    Not sure what measurement you actually meant here (0.8 inches? 8mm?), but that’s still pretty slim.

  2. Customers are paying premium for “thin” stuff. This has to change. I agree the newly announced processors could bring “thinness” to even lower end notebooks and devices.

  3. I’ve been waiting for the Lorado concept since last May-! especially the battery life is to die for. Any news on the mass market release?

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