The plane home

Nevada means “covered in snow” or “snowcapped”. The mountains around Las Vegas are surprisingly breathtaking as I blog from seat 8F on a flight back to Portland.

There is a very colorful ridge of mountains just to the west of the city w/ beautiful red and orange strata, demonstrating the powerful tectonic forces at work on the North American plate below. Snow has fallen on some of the higher peaks.

I’m beaming. What a fantastic show. The energy and excitement in and around town was physically felt. I’m so proud of our bloggers who covered this event. Everyone demonstrated and personified why social media is so critical at large events like CES. It extends our booth and our technology offerings virtually to customers and users all around the planet. It becomes a chronicle of events; an archive of time and place.

It’s inclusive, it’s open and it’s colorful… like the mountains below.


I hope you’ve found or find value in this blog. I hope that the passion we have for technology, the zeal and enthusiasm we have for our jobs at Intel comes across through our entries.

We brought some smart folks to the table. Our goal was to simply provide perspective on technology and consumer electronics for those not in attendance. To contribute our unique voices to the widening social web. (The picture is a shot of the “Blog Central” room upstairs in the Intel booth w/ a few of the crew).

Please let me know if you think this goal was met and thanks for coming along.

All my best,

Bryan Rhoads

(P.S – Intel just won “Best Booth” from Gizmodo for CES 2008Way to go Victor and team!!!)

Bryan Rhoads

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Founding member of the Intel Social Media Center of Excellence. Global social media manager for our consumer audiences and brands. I helped pioneer social media techniques that laid the foundations for Intel to leverage Web 2.0. I designed and built this external blog at, establishing the infrastructure, legal, security and publishing guidelines that integrated social media into Intel's marketing mix. I led a 4-year research project with MIT that researched online trust and digital marketing strategies. My Intel and MIT researchers designed innovative approaches to increase user confidence and trust in online media experiences. I'm also the designer of the Intel Download Center and many highly-trafficked sections of Intel's web systems. Lecturer on digital innovation and social media at the Yale Center for Customer Insights, MIT Center for Digital Business, Innotech, SxSW Interactive, the Marketing Sciences Institute, the Experiential Marketing Summit, to name a few. Adjunct faculty at Portland State University, I also sit on the Executive Board of the Internet Strategy Forum, the Center for Consumer Research at St. Joseph's University, the Marketing Advisory Track at Northeastern University and a member of the City Club of Portland.

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