The Fastest Wireless Connection at CES

CIMG1148.jpgI’m sitting in the back of an suv driving around Las Vegas, in one of Intel’s Wimax demonstration vehicles. The Chevy Suburban is equipped with a wimax gateway and a WiFi AP that provides us with wireless connectivity within the vehicle. My host, John Hammond, is explaining that, as with WiFi, Wimax clients are subject to Moore’s law–they will increase exponentially as Wimax is packed into ever smaller and cheaper packages.

The vehicle is equipped with an in-dash pc from Azentek that streams music from the Internet, has a web browser, and also relays our position back to the “mother ship.”

We’re coming to the end of our ride and I’ll have some video when I’m done, but I have to say–uploading the photo for this piece was _fast_. I’m definitely ready for ubiquitous wireless.

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