Spoiler Alert, Panasonic has some good stuff under the covers

OK, I’ve been a little lax on the keynote secrets, so here’s a juicy tid bit about Panasonic’s upcoming keynote you guys might want to tune in to.

Toshihiro Sakamoto goes on tomorrow for Panasonic’s 9am keynote presentation, and the web is flying with rumors about their big upcoming announcement. Some say it’s a huge muscle flex in the race for the world’s largest LCD, or more info re: Panasonic’s announcement today around “wireless HD”.

Well, it’s hard to keep secrets behind the stage. But I’ve got to give it to ’em, they’re good. They’ve got a huge canvassed mystery behind the stage, with so many engineers working under the sheet, it looks like they’ve captured a rabid octopus. And they won’t let me anywhere near it. Usually between demo guys, there’s a loose camaraderie. We like to gather at the events during set up and show off your good stuff (a friendly demo-off, if you will). But not this keynote. These guys have something good under cover, judging from their hush.

So if you have a chance to check out the morning keynote, it should be worth the line. See you there.

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