Secrets, and more secrets…….

Feel free to pay attention to the man behind the curtain…….

I’m very excited this year to bring you the Behind the Scenes look at 2008 CES, and for the very 1st time I’ll be giving you the real “what happens” behind the curtain for the CES keynotes from the eyes of the demo guy. Paul’s keynote is scheduled for the 7th, and I’ll be dishing the dirt till the big show. Wanna know what Intel’s showing at the Big Gig? What the other speakers have hidden under the stage? Here’s the place.

While the rest of Vegas is just waking up to the CES monster that will take over the city over the next week, the keynote and booth teams start today. In the Venetian keynote ballroom, the stage is being built, lights are going up. Grips and roadies of all shapes and sizes are hanging screens and monitors, and production is in full swing. But, the theme of this years CES is secrets. There will be glitz, music, and surprises. There will be celebrities (oh, yes! Celebs!).


Now, I can’t come clean right away, but stay tuned, and I’ll be dropping some hints along way you just might be interested in…..

Spoiler Alert

Psst. There might be a vehicle in GM’s keynote……..don’t tell anybody.

Ok, you might have guessed that. But tune in for all the juicy gossip, glamour, sex, and excitement of being behind the scenes at CES 2008 (….maybe without the sex, but they told more I use “sex” in my blog, the more people will read it. Sex.). Thanks for reading!

P.S. So that everyone knows, I’m up $50. Vegas!

6 Responses to Secrets, and more secrets…….

  1. I’ve heard through the grapevine that you’re the blog man…and given this pre-post I think “they” may be right. Can’t wait to hear more about sex…er…consumer electronics from the blog man.

  2. Craig Raymond says:

    Brandon, thanks for the note. I saw the name Bohling on your comments, and could have sworn it was Denise prepared to scold me on abuses of Intel blogging policy. 🙂
    However, your kind comments has strengthened my resolve to give the readers the real down and dirty CES goodies. So stay tuned to check out tomorrow’s post. It’s going to be a doozy…….. -C

  3. Tom H. says:

    For those of us stuck in the bowels of the Intel booth, making sure the hamsters keep the 1’s and 0’s flowing, please keep the secrets coming..
    I cant believe this will be my 4th year here without seeing anything outside of the booth.
    Kinda sad when you think about it.

  4. New Guy says:

    I’m waiting for some of those secrets. As part of the CES machine, I always think I know ALL the secrets but bloggers may have special powers that I am unaware of. Hurry up & blog some secrets & then help me get this demo working.
    New Guy 🙂