Live from the Microsoft keynote! All MS Execs required to wear same sweater…..

Here’s the goods from the CES 2008 opening keynote. CES CEO Gary Shapiro gave the show introduction, which included the huge laundry list of glamorous presenters and attendees (Ford, Disney, Yahoo, Panasonic, Samsung, Paramount, so on and so forth). But the hoopla was around Bill’s retirement from Microsoft, and the end of a 11 year keynote run at CES. Enter Bill.

You can find a ton of full details around Bill’s keynote on the web, so I’ve broken down some of my highlights from the speech.

– Bill’s opening video includes a star studded cast around Bill’s retirement theme (Bono, Jay-Z, Spielberg, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Clooney, just to name a few)

– The interface to the PC is changing (touch, speech, gesture, and Wii remotes will kill the keyboard)

– ABC, Disney, and MGM sign up for content delivery across MS media lines (Sorry Apple, looks like you have to get your Lost episodes from MS)

– Bill demos an MID the size of a VHS player

– Guitar Hero World Champion and guitarist Slash rock onstage with their sweater clad hosts (Don’t know why, but both Rob Bach and Bill happend to be wearing the same sweater combo, I figured they would have coordinated different outfits in the green room)


Sorry boys and gals, no blue screens this year…….

One Response to Live from the Microsoft keynote! All MS Execs required to wear same sweater…..

  1. DL Byron says:

    I noticed the sweaters, also the women (good to show diversity from white geeks at MS) even if they make the claim that SmartPhones are simple, and a generally upbeat keynote. Though Disney on Xbox didn’t imply any exclusivity, that’s just another channel. The production was top-notch even if the toaster-oven of a MID was actually a live feed. The row of MS peeps behind us were giggling with glee. I found the voice search actually very cool — buying tickets, not so much, but searching with voice on a cell, good stuff.
    One thing that Bill G has always been good at is taking a joke about himself and seeing his skinny arms in the video working out and the 7 dollar haircut were great. Also, he did mention iPhone, which was cool. Otherwise, you’d think this whole show was just about Windows and the [big-ass table](