Let’s ROCK out!


Do you share that rock star fantasy with me? The one that has you on center stage, blasting music out of your guitar in front of thousands of screaming fans? The one where you’re wearing those cool sunglasses that Bono wears, even though your in a dark stadium, just because they look so darn cool?

OK, I admit it. Like a lot of mid-30 somethings that grew up on Rock N Roll, I have these fantasies. If you do as well, then the new Guitar Hero III for the PC is for you. We were lucky enough to have a notebook computer based on the newest Intel(R) Centrino(R) processor technology set up with the new game and the Intel booth has been rockin’ here at CES all week long. In fact, as I’m sitting here in the back of the booth, I can hear a little “Hit me with your best shot” coming through the walls and it’s taking me back to . . . well, an early time in my life.

I’m so impressed with the new generation of games, especially music oriented games like Guitar Hero III. What I’ve seen this week is that a slightly older crowd has been transfixed by the game, watching other people try their hand on the guitar. People that wouldn’t consider themselves gamers are trying, playing, and generally becoming quite addicted.

I have to admit I was lucky enough to get a copy of Activision’s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on the PC for Christmas. The English family has been rockin’ out since. My neighbors must think my media-center is broken, because they’re probably hearing Joan Jett through the wall of our house 27 times in a row. It’s just so much fun to play.

What’s nice about these games is that they appeal to people that aren’t necessairly what you’d consider gamers. And they also can be the center of attention at a party in the way that Karoke and other interactive games can be.

Watching the crowds in the booth confirmed this for me. When someone would start playing the game, people would gather and they wouldn’t leave until the song ended. They would clap and cheer too if the person was really shakin’ the house.

And people are serious about this game too. As I was finishing this post, I visited the official site for the Guitar Hero community and I see that the top score right now is 487,358,129 points from Vipen. That’s incredible!

I’m excited to see where these games go over the next few years as their appeal broadens to new audiences, including older guys, like me!

Rock on!

For more information on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the PC, click here.

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