Jerry Yang: Next Phase of the Internet

This morning, Jerry Yang spoke at the Industry Insider Series at CES. He covered his vision for the next phase of the Internet. His speech primarily consisted of two things: Yahoo’s mobile platform and Yahoo’s conceptual desktop experience. His mobility speech was also part of Yahoo’s announcement of the day to open their mobile platforms for developers around the world…

While I won’t go into details about Yahoo’s Mobility Platform (you can read that elsewhere), I do want to comment on the crowd itself. It was interesting to see that while the speech was about mobility and the internet, the crowd itself was not fully connected. While most people were sitting not taking notes at all, a very few people were exploring the internet on their mobile devices while Jerry was speaking. I think that next year, there will be far more in the crowd participating on the internet with their mobile internet devices and ultra mobile pcs

The other part of Jerry’s speech was related to their conceptual design of a desktop experience. He showcased the ability to drag-n-drop email onto maps to see consolidated views of recommendations from friends. Then he took the same recommendations and dragged them onto evite allowing for a quick auto-creation of invitations to friends. It was pretty cool. See the screen shot below taken of the tagmap on the big screen:

Tomorrow, I’ll be covering a little more of what is happening around the show on the floor… watch my flickr stream for CES2008.

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