It’s the Year of Mobility at CES!

It’s the year of Mobility at CES and I’ll be covering how Intel is changing the game with technologies that redefine mobile computing. I’ll be in the Intel booth all week where we’re showcasing some of the coolest, newest notebook PCs with built-in Blu-ray* players, high performance gaming, video encoding, video streaming and lots more!

I’ll also be providing coverage of some of the keynotes and panels around CES. As for that spoiler alert from Craig Raymond, I may tackle him for a place in line to see GM CEO, Rick Wagoner’s keynote. As an owner of undoubtedly one of GM’s coolest cars – the Saturn Sky (Redline Turbo, 260hp!) I can’t wait to see what new vehicle “might be” shown in that keynote.

It’s been a newsworthy week on the One Laptop Per Child front as well. Perhaps I’ll get a seat in the back row of the “Technology and Emerging Countries: Advancing Development Through Technology Investments” Industry Insider Series to hear what Nicholas Negroponte has to say, then report back from the Intel-cubicle dweller’s perspective!

See you at CES!

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