iPhone Karma at CES

Offsetting the mean bloggers at CES, the exhaustion from a show that the NYtimes described as

One million exhibitors. Sixty million attendees. Four trillion booths spread across an area the size of Rhode Island.

and the brutal traffic in Vegas, my hope in humanity was restored (however briefly) when someone found and turned in my iPhone.

I was making my way to the John Lennon bus (seen here in this video), and had my iPhone, in a pouch, attached to my belt (I’m over forty, so I wear belts). I made a call and a few minutes later noticed it was gone. First panic, then a high-alert status as I looked, searched, and fretted about what would happen to it. I retraced my steps, looked for anyone using an iPhone (found one guy, and later gave him the thumbs up, when I found it), and waited. Repeatedly returning to where it most likely fell off my belt, eventually a nice woman asked me if I had lost a phone? “Yes!” I said, an “iPhone.” She told me she had it and kindly handed it to me.

The most interesting thing about the recovery was my good friend Marcus emailed with the subject “your phone:”

Lupe from the exhibitor registration tent called me to let me know that she has your phone. Just go to the tent and ask for her.

I called him amazed and he said, “your phone called me over an over again. It was weird.” When the iPhone dropped, it must’ve called Marcus — I think it was sending for help. I’m glad I found it and thanks to whoever turned it in.

Later, I told the iPhone Karma story in the Intel@CES booth.

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