Intel@CES Kick-off

Welcome to Intel’s coverage of the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show and the Intel@CES blog.

At Intel, we have a passion for technology in all its flavours and we’re poised for a very busy and exciting week of new innovations, new technologies and new products from both Intel and the CE industry at large.

Intel is bringing you this blog channel to encourage discussion and dialogue around showcased innovations for those in attendance at the show and for those of you following along virtually on the Blogosphere.

I’m excited, the bloggers we have onboard are excited and Intel’s entire organization is on board to make CES 2008 the best yet. To emphasize this point, Intel CEO Paul Otellini offers his welcome message… Here’s an excerpt:

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Intel again demonstrates our silicon innovations that are revolutionizing the industry and the way people work, live, learn and play. The Internet is here to stay and is increasingly becoming THE foundation for communications, connecting all the electronic devices we use in the home or on the go.

Read the full message >>

I hope you enjoy CES 2008 and look forward to hearing your perspective of what’s happening at CES.



11 Responses to Intel@CES Kick-off

  1. Rohit says:

    This is going to be a great year for Intel at CES with lots happening. As you said Don, I’m excited to be part of the team!

  2. Kashif Nawaz says:

    I have my fngers crossed.I’m optimistic that Intel will definitely come up with something innovative and consumer friendly.All the Best!

  3. William says:

    First time heard of Intel CES 2008, let’s hope it is going to be an awesome year, because I am so annoyed that just about every single detail I talk about computers, even the guys that work in the field of the “topic study” they don’t even have sufficient info, and (just the easy stuff of SOA [Ajax / Semantic Web], Kernel Engineering, and Virtual Machine Platform of Bottleneck integration along with DLL enhancement, they are having problem understanding) and god I am not even in university yet, only self-study everything on my own (4 Major and 2 Minor 2IT certification). Well hope the real guensis at Intel can lend a hand.

  4. Ali Gohar says:

    I think this is great processor in the world of today because intel is making kind of computeronis hardware which support those software , in the world of today so i recommened intel processor which is core 2 Extreme with gaming , and multitasking on same time !!

  5. Muhammad Nasir Siddiqui says:

    Iam amazed by reading about 45nm technolgy and hopeful that future is bright and exciting