Hanging with the elite (well, not really)

As if all the mad, craziness of CES wasn’t enough, Intel hosted a rockin’ party last night at the popular Rain Nightclub in the Palms Hotel. Intel employees and several hundred of their closest friends were invited to enjoy a little food, free drinks and dance (or bounce) the night away with a concert by Smash Mouth.

Smash Mouth

The evening started out calm, friends and co-workers catching up, but as soon as Paul Otellini stepped on stage to introduce Smash Mouth, the place caught on fire.

The front rows on the floor were filled with the wild ones trying to get a wink or head nod from Steve Harwell while they literally danced the night away. The middle section was filled with dancers and bouncers (not the big burly guy bouncers that throw you out of bars, but ‘those who are not dancers’). The rest of the floor, the balconies and the private rooms were filled with friends and co-workers just hanging having a good time.

 The Party Crowd

I have to give it to Intel for throwing this party in place like this. I have never been, nor probably ever will be, invited to hang out with the elite in the private rooms with balconies two stories about the dance floor. That’s where the young Hollywood stars hang and where the rockers and rappers chill with their entourage and group…, er…, I mean friends. Last night, I had my chance. Well, my chance to be in the private room that is… not actually hang with any rock stars. It was still cool.

Smash Mouth

The tough part is that a party as hard and fun and long as that one takes a toll. I saw lots of Intel booth staffers first thing in the morning, with red eyes, barely standing upright, ready to work. Oh well… thank goodness CES is only once a year.

4 Responses to Hanging with the elite (well, not really)

  1. Marc says:

    Thanks Craig. You know I waited until you were pulling your best P.Diddy move (or was that a Hammer move) and then snapped that shot!

  2. wendy says:

    YOUR BLOG ROCKS MARC! I feel like i am there, all the way from here in Paris, France. Thanks for all the great info, photos and videos.