Dude! I’m in the band!

It’s been a keynote whirlwind for the Corp Demos guys and myself. Now with a little time to let the dust settle, it’s a good chance to reflect on the little things post keynote. Like how friggin’ cool it was to hang out with the cats from Smash Mouth!!!

“So what did you do today, Craig?”

“Oh, you know….keynote rehearsal. Same old, same old. Spent the day audio teching with Smash Mouth….Steve had me sit in with the boys on a few tracks. No big whup.”

Do you know how hard it is not to blab a bomb like that?! Spilling secrets is way easier than keeping them. In addition to putting on a spectacular keynote performance and rocking the Intel party, the guys of Smash Mouth were as cool as the other side of the pillow. Here’s some behind the scenes shots of Paul rocking in rehearsal with Steve, Greg, Paul, Jason, and Mike from Smash Mouth.


Best part about it, these guys love to talk tech. We got to talk geek about a lot of the hot technologies that Intel will be coming out with in ’08. And it’s always cool to watch a rockstar’s eyes light up when you demo some sweet looking new MIDs. We got them hooked up on the E-Jamming music SW, to synch musicians over the internet for session play and recording. Since the guys are spread out across California, this is a pretty cool solution to make sure everyone shows for practice. I got to sit in on the drum kit and demo E-Jamming myself, and after getting used to a 30ms lag of the drum to the output, in no time I was rocking that funky beat I rock oh so well. It’s a very zen moment when you realize that your career transition from geek to rockstar is approaching faster than you had planned. Gotta love technology!

So a special thanks to Smash Mouth from the demo guys. You rocked (if you ever have an opening, I’m available). To everyone else, get out there and download a Smash Mouth album. Stat! (And pay for it, please)


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