CES is over, but the MacBook Air is worth talking about

It’s been a week since I’ve returned from CES and all the buzz has calmed down, but I really wanted to talk about the new MacBook Air

. I know they didn’t showcase this new computer at CES, but since Apple announced

it at the beginning of CES, I figured I’d go for it.

MacBook Air Dimensions

I’ve concluded this thing is extremely cool and worth owning!

At first, I thought it would be too small and light to be a serious computer. How could this nearly paper thin thing keep up with the heavy tasks I’d throw at it? As I studied it and read more reviews on it, I’ve come to realize that it’s not the “bulk” that makes a powerful computer powerful. It’s the technology inside. And this thing has everything I need.

Starting with latest Intel Core 2 Duo (which my current Mac doesn’t even have), this sliver of aluminum also includes 2GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, a sharp 13″ widescreen and the fastest wireless networking available today. I thought my large hands would be cramped on this tiny thing, but I found out that the MacBook Air comes with a full sized keyboard.

So what did Apple give up to make it this thin? There is no optical drive (CD or DVD), but you can get an optional USB external SuperDrive or use the new Remote Disk capability to access the optical drive on another MAC or PC on your home network. I saw a demo of that and its slick! There is also no Ethernet port or memory card reader, but these are easily added through optional USB accessories.

I’m really excited to try the new larger trackpad that now recognizes many of the gestures — like pinch, swipe and rotate — that are used on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I use them on my iPod Touch all the time; they’d be fantastic on a computer.

There’s more I could mention, but I think you’ll agree there is a lot more to this computer than meets the eye.

Are you ready to pre-order yours?

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  1. Victor says:

    I think that Macbook Air might be able to define what portable laptop is. Making a standard after breaking the conventional concept of the portable laptop would be performed by Macbook Air…