CES: A video gaming show?

Is the Consumer Electronics Show a gaming event? Since consoles and PC’s are consumer devices one could definitely state that this is “the” show for video gaming in the digital home.

So are we likley to hear @ CES? Here are my best guesses

1. Video Games and Video Game Consoles are dominating consumer spending.

2. Personal Computer DVD Gaming is dying.

3. Guitar Hero IV & Rock Band II innovative music distribution and licensing deals…

4. Nintendo’s Wii will be called a trendy toy.

5. Someone will announce a new $500 Graphics Card for the PC with the option to connect three or four together in a single PC…(freon not included).

6. I will be called a madman for insisting that the Video Game Industry, Press and Analysts start to count the entire market for PC Gaming more accurately! (more on this in my next posting)

7. A keynote will feature hands-free-gaming using a camera or a glove (or cool bandaides you put on your fingers).

CES is an amazing show. It can be the culmination of tons of hard work… I will never forget the Herculean effort to get hundreds games to work on Microsoft’s Media Center Edition and launching them in time for CES 2005. What in the name of Viiv was I thinking? Nobody cares about that… At least not until Google or Apple announce a strategy (for the record I have never spoken with Google or Apple about any product strategies).

As Intel Corporation’s spokesperson for PC Video Gaming I feel compelled to poke fun while advocating our leadership role. Intel has big plans for the future of PC Gaming. We will demonstrate several of these in our booth @ CES (stay tuned). I look forward to CES 2008 as the beginning of substantial change in the PC Gaming industry.

See you @ CES,

Randy (azd00d) Stude

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