CES 2008 is coming! Can you feel it?

It was just twelve short months ago. I can remember the moment vividly. I was walking through the main hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center on the Sunday before the CES 2007 show opened. Forklifts were racing around, contractors were hanging spotlights, and the final touches were being put on trade-show booths seemingly the size of your typical major-league baseball stadiums. I could feel that the activity was building towards a coming crescendo, a unseen wave of people converging on Las Vegas from around the globe who would arrive in a few short hours.

And in the midst of this furious sea of noise and light, I stopped in my tracks, looking across a vast expanse of red carpet. My mouth fell open. Being placed onto a podium next to the aisle, from an overhead crane no less, was an HD LCD TV bigger than anything I had ever imagined. A sign below it said simply, “World’s largest LCD TV”.

“Cool,” I thought to myself. This was going to be a great show.

Now we’re just a couple of days away from the opening of CES 2008.

I can tell that the show is almost here, because my in-box has been filling up with e-mailed invitations for panels, product launches, and even the odd party or two. CES is simply the biggest thing all year and I can feel it all the way from Oregon.

From computers and devices to mobile electronics and home-entertainment, all the new gear will be on display for the world to see. We’ll find out what’s likely to be hot this year and perhaps what didn’t come back that was big last year. I can’t wait!

After twelve years going to COMDEXes in Las Vegas, CES has become the yearly mega-technology fest and it is always full of surprises. Remember what the big day-one story was last year? It was Steve Jobs announcing the new iPhone. Never mind that the announcement was at another show, it was still the big news at CES. That was the surprise.

What will the big news be this year? We’ll soon find out.

I’m excited to be going back to CES again. And this year, I’ll be covering my visit on the Intel@CES blog. I’ll be looking for the new, the cool, the loud, the big. In my upcoming posts, I hope to give you some behind the scenes peeks at how we’ve put together the Intel booth and the latest in entertainment technologies from around the show.

So come on back and visit us throughout the week. This should be a lot of fun.

Joe English

for the Intel@CES blog

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