Cars of the Future from GM

In an exciting CES keynote, General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner showed a dazzled crowd their automotive future. A cool new innovation he described was “Stolen Vehicle Slow Down” that uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of a stolen car, then provides that location to local police. Once the police have a clear line of sight, an audio announcement is made in the car that the driver needs to pull the car safely over to the side of the road and that the car is being slowed down for law enforcement authorities. The car is then remotely slowed down so the thief can’t take off with the police in pursuit.

Another cool technology is vehicle to vehicle communications that can do things like automatically slow your car down based on information it receives before even you know you need to slow it down, such as cars you can’t see ahead of you starting to brake.

And GM is working on numerous “green” technologies. On stage were the Chevy Volt electric car and the new Cadillac Provoq with fuel cell technology. GM showed the audience why it’s the top ranking auto seller in America!

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