DARPA Urban Challenge – The Movie

Yes, I made a super-short 5 min video about the DARPA Urban Challenge. The event was SUPERB FUN and very well produced. I would like to congratulate the two Intel sponsored teams (who came 1st and 2nd!) as well as all the cars that made it into the finals. Robot cars have come a LONG way since those first faltering baby steps out in the desert at the 1st Grand Challenge in 2004.

As you know, the two Intel sponsored teams are from Stanford and Carnegie-Mellon universities, and each now with has a DARPA trophy in their cabinet.

I am not going to repeat any of the information already posted on this blog site, so without further ado – here is a short snippet of the action as we saw it live:

Here is a video of Manny Vara from Intel’s Corporate Technology Group giving us a quick overview of ‘Junior’ at this year’s IDF.

For more more videos, see the other Intel blogs about the DARPA Urban Challenge:

Race Results

Junior’s Pit Crew Videos

The Dreaded Merge Test

Robotic Cars

And for further information on the cars, click here for Stanford Racing, and click here for Tartan Racing (Carnegie-Mellon Team), and click here for the official DARPA Urban Challenge Website.

2 Responses to DARPA Urban Challenge – The Movie

  1. sharon says:

    super cool.
    it’s great to see intel out in the community contributing to various endeavors such as this one, robotics.
    thanks intel!