What’s the next big thing?

We asked one of our customer to tell us what he looks forward to at this year’s IDF Taipei. Here’s what he told us:

mountain-view.jpgI was up in the mountains when I got this really important call from a colleague of mine.

What’s up? I’m at the Intel Developer Forum tomorrow and I needed to write something about it. Too bad I was 20 kilometers from home and I didn’t have my laptop with me to write a quick blog post.

I did have with me quite an advanced smart phone from Dopod which has since been acquired by HTC. It has the capability of mobile blogging if only I could find a Wi-fi signal. But that was a big “if.”

That’s the moment when something called MID (“Mobile Internet Device”) came to my mind: Mobility and ultra mobility are two major technologies that Intel has been advancing lately. Earlier this year, several computer makers demonstrated their products in the Computex trade show right here in Taipei. They included Asus, HTC, and Fujitsu, among others.

MID is something between a cellphone and a laptop. The former is too small for doing anything serious if you need to type for a lengthy period of time. And the weight and bulk of laptop computers simply leave something to be desired. MIDs combine the best of both devices to provide comfortable handheld computing.

I definitely want to see how things are advancing on this front with regard to mobility, ultra mobility, and wireless technologies. Following are the topics I want to attend and cover at IDF:

  • Mobile Platform Technologies and Trends
  • Enabling Longer Battery Life for Mobility
  • Mobile Internet Devices On Low Power Intel Architecture
  • New Wireless Technologies and Standards

Of course, there are all sort of other issues that might interest you–just take a look at all the agendas.

Actually, I was quite glad that I had to come down early from the mountains. The weather was so terrible up there that I couldn’t even see Taipei 101, the landmark building in Taipei that was located just in the same neighborhood where Intel is going to have its IDF. I certainly hope it’ll be a better day tomorrow.

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  1. This reminds me the ultra mobile devices mounted on Triumph Dytona during Moddy’s keynote. Wimax enabled palmtop device makes the connection “real” anytime/ anyplaces…Can’t wait to get Wimax services in operation, though 2 years from now in Taiwan.

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