The Mega Trend Ahead…

“Google”, “PIcasa”, “Mesh-up”, “iTunes”, “cloud computing”, and more…

To hear those words, one may have thought that he/she was in one of these Web 2.0 conferences. But it was not. This was IDF, and people were talking about how those new Web-based applications are going to have an impact on mobile computing.

I hope the following two slides from one of the IDF sessions were not state secrets, but they do show some of the mega trend that has very high relevance to what every one of us is experiencing now.

My Stuff

As the proliferation of digital cameras from the last few years, people tent to have tons of pictures stored in everywhere, from the hard drive of their personal computers, to CD-ROM discs, high-capacity memory cards, or online albums like Flickr or Picasa.

I like to put my stuff on Web-based photo albums. The advantage is that you can have access to them no matter where you are, with or without your computers. As such, one always long for a faster and more seamless transfer among different devices. With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, your notebook can communicate with your digital cameras and video cameras. Photos or video clips could be transferred to your hard drive in lighting speed, and then move to your online space seamlessly. At current stage, we are not entirely there yet, but obviously, developers are heading towards that goal.


Blurring Line Between Consumer Tech and Corp IT

A lot of corporate IT are coming to consumers. People are building home networks, using online storage or video conferences. And consumer tech is brought into corporates by office workers, such as YouTube, Google Docs, Web-based e-mail, or even USB Flash drives. With mobile computing being the trend, it’s getting harder and harder to tell where office work ends and family time starts. You can work anywhere anytime, and at the same time, you can tend to your private matters in office hours. The lines are blurring.

I like it that I can see what new trends and technologies are coming to me for the next few years. Some of them may happen, while the other simply won’t. But all the same, I am glad that I was here in this year’s IDF in Taipei to meet old friends, and talk to people from across the industry. Until the next time, I can’t wait to see all those technological advances being realized.


One Response to The Mega Trend Ahead…

  1. credit score says:

    Come to think about it, all this sounds like WEB 2.0! But not in the “hippie” way. No offence towards hippies :).
    I’m an amateur photographer and i absolutely love web-based photo albums! I have my own to which I direct all my friends – It’s just easier that way.