The Future is at IDF Taipei

Mobility PavilionThe 10th anniversary for Taipei IDF is a significant milestone for Intel. In the past ten years, Intel has gained huge success in mobile personal computer market, but stumbled on the challenging processor and communication IC market at the same time.

We can see very mature Intel developer networks in Asia, especially in Taiwan. Nine out of ten computers were made by Taiwan ODMs. Besides processors on computers, what Intel can do to have more growth?

WiMax and UMPC (and MID–Mobile Internet Device) are expected to be the main growing power for revenues in the future. However, It is always disputable: 3G and Wi-Fi hot spots are all around, why do we need WiMax? PocketPCs or Smartphones with powerful ARM-core processors have better performance and also power-saving, why do we need a huge processor with a heat-sink monster UMPC?

Check more IDF tracks and demonstrations. Intel is struggling to concentrate on lower power technology in order to extend the realm of the product coverage. Virtual Machine software and Linux technology investment becomes more important directions on many production lines. Let us check what Intel IDF bring to us, you’ll feel surprised.

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