Social Media and the Enterprise — Silicon Valley Club Gathers at Intel Headquarters

The Social Media Club of Silicon Valley will be at Intel Headquarters on October 22 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. for a discussion on Social Media and the Enterprise: Looking Forward.

The panel will be led by Shel Israel, co-author of the “how blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers” book “Naked Conversations” with Robert Scoble.

Shel will help the audience dive into lessons learned, tough challenges and where people are going next with social media inside the workplace. Shel will be joined by:

Dave McClure, 500 hats blogger, software geek and spirit behind recent gathering for Facebook application creators called Graphing Social Patterns

Jeremiah Owyang, social media researcher at Forrester and master Web strategist

Jennifer Jones, host of “Marketing Voices” video Podcast available on the PodTech network

Eleanor Wynn is an Enterprise Architect, Social Computing and blogger at IT@Intel

* Bob Duffy, community manager of Intel’s Open Port community for IT pros

Bay Area NBC affiliate KNTV-TV, Intel’s Open Port for IT pros and Intel’s Software Network Group will show attendees how they’re living and learning from others in their online communities.

Register to attend the event here and add it to your Upcoming events listing here.

If you can make it and meet people in person, join the livecast through UStream.TV. You can join others to watch and send in live comments here or in the player right here:

This event will carry forward some of what was explored in the “Social Media: Friend or Foe of the IT Organiztion” at September’s Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, embedded here:

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