What’s the Answer?

How does 45 make 400 fit into a single human red blood cell?

The answer is beyond me. From what I gather, it’s even beyond mathematical and possibly dangling somewhere in the metaphysical.

What else can it be other than magic or madness from relentless, mind wrenching fights against physics, against matter at its tiny core fibers of being? But somehow they figured it out.

Those engineers figured out that if you turned 45 into nanometers, created transistors out of them that ran effectively and efficiently then made 400 of them…well…they’d all fit snuggly into one human red blood cell.

Now if men and women on average have about 6 million erythrocyte disks (red blood cells) zooming around inside, how many 45nm transistors do you think we ought to fit into our next generation microprocessor?

No doubt this is how the Intel engineers methodically masterminded a recipe that appears destined to rock our world.

The answer is bound to pop up and bounce around next week’s Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Facts or not, it all adds up to the wonder of 45nm inside. Maybe the answer is hidden in one of these:

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