Virtual Worlds Spread, Opening Real World Possibilities

In this photo slideshow Podcast, hear and see highlights from Intel CTO Justin Rattner’s keynote that wrapped up the Intel Developer Forum on Thursday.

It was visually spectacular. Justin’s overall message? The underlying technologies driving the spread of virtual world experiences like Second life are improving. Ever richer, on-demand 3-D Internet experiences will continue to improve and become more relevant to real life needs as high bandwidth and real time, fast frame rate software is trained to harness more computer processing power. Maybe like one of those teraflops chips with 80-cores?

See photos of new secure virtual work spaces demonstrated live by Qwaq CEO Greg Nuyens, who announced on stage with Justine that they’ll be bringing to market Intel Research Labs’ Miramar 3-D information space technology.

Also in this Podcast, see photos of virtual surgery demonstration.

We’re putting together short video clips showing stage demos of the secure virtual workspace and virtual surgery — coming soon.

Justin’s complete recorded video Webcast here.

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