Social Media: Friend or Foe at Your Company?

It’s not even lunchtime. You’re blogging, making social and career connections in Facebook. What does your company think about that?!

There’s a trend of companies bringing social media tools into the enterprise. To do this, often it takes cross teams working together to make things work correctly, securely and remain manageable. That’s not always easy. Seems more and more that these tools are becoming relevant to the bottom line, and that’s when they become essential. That’s what we’re seeing today inside many small and big businesses.

Learn how Intel and other companies are facing these challenges. Tune in and join the “Social Media: Friend or Foe of the IT Organization panel disccussion on September 18 at 3:00 p.m. PT. Just come here and view it on the livecast player posted below, or go here to watch. There you can also grab the code for embedding the livecast into your blog. After the live session, we will replace the UStream.TV player with a video you can view, download or embed on your blog to enjoy when you like.

Dive into conversations about:

Data center managers are seeing the increase in social media

IT, developers, legal and marketing pros are working together to create online communities that add value, drive affinity and even company profitability

New technologies like server virtualization, security and manageability

How Intel IT helped the company start a family of blogs and is moving the company towards building successful communities

Legal risks and ways to mitigate them

This panel is moderated by Tom Foremski, journalist and founder of Silicon Valley Watcher.


Peter Kaminski is CTO and Co-founder of SocialText, the first Wiki company and leading provider of Enterprise 2.0

Jackie Medecki is Intel senior attorney, addressing the legal and ethical challenges as IT pushes further into Web 2.0

Eleanor Wynn is Intel’s social networking technologies expert

John G. Miner, an Intel expert on disruptive effects that Web 2.0 has on the classic IT processes

Jeff Moriarty is Intel’s Web 2.0 guru

In the audience we’ll have IT community builders like Josh Hilliker, Bob Duffy, Laurie Buczek and others helping Intel use new hardware, software, and communications for sharing, listening, learning and collaborating other companies and communities.

You can also post questions here in the comments section and we’ll share them with the panel.

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