Silicon Research Sparks Start of Intel Developer Forum

Intel’s Megan Langer contributed to this post.

IDF is not about products as much as it’s about building the future. So every year IDF kicks off with what’s called Day Zero, where Intel Researchers and strategic planners share and show what they’re working on. Here’s an audio Podcast with brief interviews from some of the day’s presenters and topics listed below:

Andrew Chien presented on Intel Research and detailed several very interesting examples of sensing capabilities as well as a new mashmaker pilot launching this week.

Mario Pannicia disclosed the latest breakthrough in silicon photonics: 40G photodetctor. Several articles already posted and will be included in the coverage report.

Together James Reinders and Jerry Bautista discussed many-core and called out the urgency for the need to help parallel programmers of the future. They focused on what Intel is doing today and in our research to make the parallel progammer’s life easier. James Reinders made several announcements during his presentation proving that Intel is helping multi-core programmers today including, Availability of a prototype C / C++ compiler and an update on threading building blocks.

Jerry Bautista began with showing the 80 core chip as a reminder to where we are today and he was bombarded by many flashes from camera’s and a rush to the stage for a photo op. He showed two visually “cool” demos highlighting both the future demand for tera-scale programs & computing, demonstrating how Intel Research has a significant effort underway to help the parallel programmer of the future.

Arvind Sodhani offered a change in pace from research to discuss Intel Capital’s global investment strategy, and recent investment data and examples of company-building activities. Lisa Lambert, managing director of the Software and Solutions Group, discussed Intel Capital’s strategy and recent investments in the software space including innovative Web 2.0 portfolio companies. The reporters were very anxious for this presentation as it was the first Day Zero they’ve heard from Intel Capital.

Raj Hazra did a great job closing up the event. He kept the audience engaged with reviewing the hot topic of energy efficiency and discussed the issues around power delivery and power management across different computing platforms. His presentation included a demonstration of a datacenter and how Intel research is increasing energy efficiency across the platform. Watch for a short video on this, coming soon.

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