My IDF Keynote, and launching Channel Intel

The greatest geek-fest on Earth, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) San Francisco show that is, is just a 8 days away. IDF Beijing in the Spring of this year was a fabulous event with great technology showcased, product introductions and workshops. My upcoming San Francisco keynote will include quite a few first-ever announcements, a range of cool demonstrations, and several, very interesting guests. This time around I’ve decided to give you a bit of my keynote plans in a YouTube* video. You can find it over at . Take a look and let me know what you think of my YouTube premier. It’s the first of the “Intel Uncut” series.

This also launches Intel’s new site on YouTube, called Channel Intel. You can learn more about Channel Intel at IDF.

Certainly looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco on Sept 18th.

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