Moore’s Law Speaks Live To You

The man. The law. Get both and a peek “Behind the Ubiquitous Microprocessor” as Intel co-founder Dr. Gordon Moore joins the Intel Developer Forum in a talk with Dr. Moira Gunn, host of NPR’s “Tech Nation” and “BioTech Nation.”

Sure Moore’s Law is over 42 years old, but it’s still running as fast as ever and spreading to new industries beyond silicon chip making.

See Gordon Moore live here and share your questions and comments online through UStream.TV. Below we copied and pasted the code for the embedded player and live comments. You can do the same and add these to your blog so you can tune in on September 18 at noon PT.

We will work to get a few of your live online comments to Moira so she can ask Gordon about the things you’re curious about.

After the livecast, we’ll replace the UStream.TV player with a highlights video you can watch, download, embed and enjoy when and however many times you like.

For many of us, Gordon Moore is a legend AND a very wonderful, inspiring man. Be part of this historic happening STREAMED LIVE HERE ON SEPTEMBER 18 AT NOON.



2 thoughts on “Moore’s Law Speaks Live To You

  1. The Podcast player has been updated so you can view and download the video if you missed the livecast. Thanks to the over 165 people who joined the UStream livecast on 9/18/07. Lots of great comments and questions for Gordon Moore sent live from across the U.S. and even as far as Peru. Gordon and Moira answered about six questions submitted by UStream viewers. Kudos to the Ustream folks and the Intel production team! This was fun!!

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