Mobility WiMAXed to the Extreme – Video from Intel CEO Keynote

Those demo guys know how to live! This is a very cool live video demo interaction with Intel CEO Paul Otellini during the kick off keynote at the Intel Developer Forum. See new super charged, pocket-sized, WiMAX and Wi-Fi wireless mobile device take a flying leap with our wild base jumpin’ demo dude.

New possibilities powered by the forthcoming tiny, energy-efficient new processor technology for ultra mobile devices — codenamed Silverthorne.

4 Responses to Mobility WiMAXed to the Extreme – Video from Intel CEO Keynote

  1. P. Conlow says:

    Read that you’re developing a “Moorestown” platform. Since I live in Moorestown, NJ, just wondering about the codename. Why Moorestown? Gordon Moore, perhaps?

  2. Ken Kaplan says:

    Moorestown is the codename for Intel’s low power platform for ultra mobile devices that follows Menlow. Here’s a recent [blog post and video]( that includes Menlow.
    Here’s [a link]( to Intel’s ultra mobile platform for 2007.
    We’re asking our pals about the codename Moorestown. Codenames are often plucked right off the map and we’re seeing a few new codenames with “towns” like Harpertown.

  3. brian ngai says:

    would intel integrate the wimax function inside the mobile technology? i think the system solution has reached the mature stage following the deployment and execution. i think alvarion has the solution. hope wimax soon replacing gsm, cdma, wifi and forming the new wireless generation of technology wave benefiting the users and the communities…