90nm Flash is dead, long live 65nm Flash!

And it will live longer too – Intel’s announced move to 65nm NOR Flash to will allow support for longer product life cycles – which in the embedded market is vital.

NOR Flash it a type of Flash memory the can execute programs directly from the Flash – this makes it particularly suitable as a type of memory in devices that do processing such as cell phones etc… NAND Flash on the other had behaves a bit more like a general storage medium – which is why you will find it in larger quantities in places like your iPod.

65nm Flash basically means faster, better, denser, cheaper in more products such as mobile phones and as well as other comsumer electronics devices one doesn’t normally associate with Flash consumption such as printers, DVD players and TV’s.

Expect to see such fantastic Flash in products next year.

5 Responses to 90nm Flash is dead, long live 65nm Flash!

  1. butters says:

    Speaking of Intel and Flash… What say you on the odd throttling that occurs when using (NAND) Flash-based SSD storage devices with ICH8/9? It doesn’t happen with ICH7 or with your competitors’ chipsets.

  2. da tan says:

    I had been looking for the trend of memory yield as function of scaling. To use a simple rule,cell size shrink by 1/2 with each generation of technology nodes. So number of bits per wafer will increase by factor of two. But then there is the yiled factor comes in that Y=e-(DA). D being killer defect density,A is the area. If D remain the same for each generation, A drops to half and thus good bits per wafer increase by 2X e**2=~9. But D is not a constant that killer defect density should increase with scaling of technology. So what is the true gain in good bits per wafer with scaling. Of course, this would be strictly confidential info for each company for the leading edge technologies. But just wonder if there is any trends of older technology nodes across the industry? Appreciate if someone knows where to find this info and willing to share. Could it be in the ITRS yield enhancement WG discussion?

  3. Flash Guru says:

    I got news for ya. Nor Flash is dead above 1Gbit it’s all about NAND. Nor will become 4Mbit to 1Gbit EEPROM with very little growth.

  4. battery says:

    […]is there any way i can get ready boost on an external hard drive? I’m using a 1 gig flash drive and i don’t think I’m getting the max amount of RAM possible… its only putting out 920 MB[…]