Caneland, Caneland everywhere!

This quarter will see the launch of Intel’s latest MP platform codenamed ‘Caneland’. MP means ‘multi-processor’ and refers to servers that can support 4 or more processors. Caneland is the platform name and is composed of the Tigerton processor and the Clarksboro chipset. First publicly demonstrated in October of 2006 and based on Intel’s Core microarchitecture, Caneland is expected to be the world’s 1st quad-core volume MP server platform in the market.

I caught up with Kirk Skaugen, Intel vice president and General Manager of the Server Products Group last week and asked him some questions about Caneland. See the video here:

Kirk spoke openly and frankly and gave out quite a lot of new information; mentioning that Caneland has been shipping since June, talked about how we expect Caneland’s 16 cores to double the performance of our previous MP offering on some workloads. Kirk also gave glimpses into what to expect next year from Intel in this slice of the market.

The Tigerton processor will top out at a frequency of 2.93GHz and will also come in a 50W low voltage flavour – making the prospect of very powerful and very dense blade servers a delicious reality.

11 thoughts on “Caneland, Caneland everywhere!

  1. I especially liked the fact that the interview got into a little detail. I much prefer the slightly longer interviews (5 mins+) over the previous 2 minute interviews.
    Well done.

  2. Thanks for the “Information”. I’d just been curious about our nextgen xserve and Mac Pro, but everything is quiet out there . . . This gives me an Idea of what’s coming up

  3. Cannot view video from Opera (latest 9.22) browser! 🙁
    no problems with other flash controls, like youtube’s one.

  4. wahhh i’m so excited about it.. can’t wait until i save enough money to buy it.. to tell the truth now i only have $100 in my pocket…
    i wonder when will i afford to buy it..

  5. Why the codename CANELAND? Where did it come from? ….and why are they codenames anyway?!? Do you guys take turns picking them or is there some logic to it?

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