Why China?

idf_beijing_people.jpg We’re here in Beijing launching our 2007 Intel Global IDF events. We came because China has the fastest growing economy on the planet. We came for the tremendous potential for adoption of new technology and the emergence of a strong innovative design community. But this is not a sudden jump in a new location, as Intel has been located in China for 22 years.

Here we come face to face with representatives of not only China, but the world-wide development community.

China is an amazing spectrum of worlds: BMWs and Bicycles, traditional and ultra modern, humble to bold. Their usage models will be different, They want to connect, to learn, to grow and to thrive in the coming decades.

This leads to China being a global base of technology innovation and collaboration.

On to Day Two…


2 Responses to Why China?

  1. rino mardo says:

    hi, intel is also present in the philippines for a long time, most people speak english, so why china still?