Thanks – great questions and comments

Thanks for the early feedback to the blog! A few quick responses to some of the comments before I board my flight to China. As to being more technical – good comment and yes, that is the plan. However, this was more of a launch posting. I’ll be providing a more detailed and technical posting immediately after the keynote next week, More to come. As to IMC and Nehalem – The rumors your heard are in error, however we’re not yet laying out the specific sockets, platforms and partitioning directions at this time. We’ll be providing much great details as we get closer. Talk to you more next week.

5 Responses to Thanks – great questions and comments

  1. David M Bibb says:

    Having read “Programming the 80386” I think that you are one of the world’s best authors. But I really wish that someone had written a book that covered the development of that processor because I beleive it was a great acompllishment given the technology at the time and a story worth telling.

  2. hey,Pat.I have read your book of Balancing Your Family, Faith & Work(Chinese version) that was great.I will bring that books to my friends even strangers that really can help a lot of people.