Monthly Archives: April 2007

High Performance Computing (HPC)

First of all, why should we care? The big capability machines are designed not only to do science but also to address a set of problems termed Grand Challenge Problems. A Grand Challenge Problem is simplistically defined as… one that … Read more >

Ultra Mobile Devices – from IDF Beijing

The lights came up. Anand Chandrasekher called me from the IDF keynote stage. I walked on stage and Anand introduced the newest McCaslin based Ultra Mobile Devices for 2007. Their form factors ranged from navigation devices to gaming devices, all … Read more >


Hello, this is Dileep Bhandarkar blogging from Beijing, where it is already tomorrow today! There is a lot of buzz here about Penryn. So, what exactly is Penryn? Penryn is an unincorporated community in Placer County, California, in the United … Read more >