How Will IoT Drive Business Innovation in the Next Five Years?

At its recent symposium in Barcelona, Gartner researchers laid out their vision for the most important IoT technology trends that will drive business innovation in the next five years. Gartner researchers advised CIOs to pay attention to artificial intelligence; new wireless networking technologies (think 5G); social, legal and ethical IoT (think GDPR); and trusted hardware/OS (think security).

The message to CIOs was clear: fueled by new or improved technology, IoT will be a key driver of business innovation in the coming years. They went on to say that CIOs must obtain the necessary skills and partners to support emerging IoT trends and technologies. The reason this is so important: they predict that most CIOs will have more than three times as many endpoints under their watch in 2023 as they do now.

Technology Providers Will Become More Indispensable

Technology providers will become even more important partners to their clients as more IoT projects come online. Architecting, installing, monitoring, and maintaining the infrastructure to support various IoT initiatives will require the skills and services of trusted, knowledgeable technology professionals.

Intel® is at the forefront of digital business transformation with proven solutions built for IoT. We are committed to helping our partners lead their customers to and through transformation with more than our technology. Intel® Technology Providers have access to a deep bench of expertise, education, resources, and market-ready solutions.

Discover Solutions, Specialty Benefits and Use Cases

Industries of every kind are adopting IoT solutions to improve how we live, learn, and work. Explore the ways in which you can empower your customers with game-changing IoT solutions:

Education: Smart classrooms use interactive displays with Intel® vPro™ technology to create a more active and collaborative learning environment.

Retail: From customer analytics to supply chain management, the application of intelligent solutions are reshaping the retail experience.

Healthcare: The power of data is perhaps the most exciting and important in the context of this industry. Advanced solutions are continually emerging and transforming the healthcare system to improve patient outcomes and create greater efficiencies.

How will you help your customers fuel business innovation? Find inspiration here.