Predictions and Prognostications

‘Tis the season for predictions and prognostications. And, leading up to the holidays, just a little bit of procrastination—at least when it comes to holiday shopping. It is that time of year when we look back at this year and we anticipate what the coming year holds for us.

From a technology point of view, 2018 saw the Internet of Things, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain dominate the popular lexicon. What will we be talking about and experiencing in 2019? Predicting the ‘next big thing’ is part of what makes CES so much fun. And it also makes January a lot more tolerable. So, what does CES and 2019 hold in store?

Certainly, 5G will dominate the conversation, along with IoT, AI, robotics, and machine learning, among others.

For 5G, 2019 will be the year when the rubber hits the road as U.S. carriers deploy their next-generation networks. The promise of 5G goes well beyond the next iteration of wireless technology—it’s a giant leap.

Surely, there are services and use cases that have yet to even be identified. But what we can count on will be exponentially faster download speeds, dramatically lower latency, spectral efficiency (expanding the capacity of existing spectrum bands), and the ability to significantly increase simultaneous connections. At a minimum, these key features will enable more widespread deployments of IoT-based solutions, enable further advancement in autonomous vehicle technology, lay the foundation to build greater capabilities for artificial intelligence and robotics, and extend the applications and experience of VR/AR.

You can also count on Intel® to be at the forefront of innovation and emerging technology. With the most powerful processors from desktop to datacenter, to groundbreaking technology from memory to mobile, and innovation from neural network applications to new architecture frontiers—Intel will be at the center of everything.

Headed to CES? Be sure to add these events to your calendar.

Innovations and the Compute Foundation Client Computing Group SVP Gregory Bryant and Data Center Group EVP Navin Shenoy showcase innovations in client computing, data center, artificial intelligence, 5G, and more. 

The New Mobility Revolution Prof. Amnon Shashua, president and CEO of Mobileye, an Intel® company, joins a panel of experts following U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao’s keynote about the future of drones and self-driving technology.