Technology is Essential to Small Business

Small business operators wear many hats. Managing the daily requirements of their businesses, employees, and customers leaves little time to tinker with technology. That’s where technology providers play an important role in enabling these entrepreneurs to thrive.

Technology can be a big differentiator and data insights can help small businesses hone their competitive edge. Small businesses need to compete on a large scale and that requires smart investments in technology. In fact, 53 percent of small businesses plan to increase their technology investment, according to SMB Group.

Intel® offers a thoughtfully designed portfolio of products to help SMBs thrive. The latest in our Intel® Xeon® processor family is a great example.

Intel® Xeon® E processors are designed for entry-level servers and secure cloud services. The Intel Xeon E-2100 is targeted to handle the workloads of small- and medium-size businesses and cloud service providers. Servers based on this new CPU will provide your customers with the performance they need for file sharing, storage and backup, virtualization and productivity solutions. At the same time, these servers offer enhanced security and data protection from hardware-based security.

Intel® SGX (Software Guard Extensions), a feature of Intel Xeon E processors, adds a layer of hardware-enhanced security. When coupled with properly enabled cloud applications, small businesses can depend on secure cloud services and protection for sensitive workloads.

Professional-Grade Entry Servers

The new Intel Xeon E-2100 processor server platform gives SMBs a professional, entry-level server solution with enhanced data-center-grade features, such as reliability and security—with an affordable price tag. Deploying Intel Xeon E processor-based servers is a smart investment that yields returns:

  • Essential performance – rapid workload loading and processing
  • Expanded I/O – fast, smooth and responsive computing
  • Advanced security – hardware-based data protection
  • Server management – remote manageability

Keep your small business customers running at peak performance. Learn how entry-level servers can power a range of business applications and provide agility to respond quickly to business and customer demands.

Explore Intel Xeon E processors and learn more here.