Technology in the Years Ahead

What your customers think about the future has meaning for you today.

I am excited about the future role that technology will play in making our world a better place. I’m not alone. This sentiment was confirmed in a recent study conducted by Intel®. The Intel Next 50 Study took into account the responses of 1,000 consumers to determine prevailing perceptions about the future of technology. To me, one of the most interesting findings is that while consumers eagerly anticipate new technologies, they remain most excited about those with which they are most familiar.

The Role of Technology in the Next 50 Years

The survey revealed that consumers expect to rely most on smartphones (87 percent) in the future. They also ranked PCs (84 percent) and smart home technology (84 percent) among the most important technologies in the next 50 years. It’s not surprising that this ubiquitous tech came out on top—because frankly, who can imagine living without it?

Among emerging technologies, consumers reported being the most excited about those with the potential to improve health and wellness. While this isn’t surprising, what is revealing is that consumers appear to be very comfortable with some deeply cutting-edge innovation. Among these are genomic medicine (39 percent) and artificial materials for organ and tissue transplants (26 percent). Artificial intelligence was highly rated by some consumers who said they expect AI to increase their quality of life (51 percent) and more than one-third are excited about renewable energy (36 percent).

Emerging Technology Will Improve the Way We Live

The results of the survey speak clearly to the fact that consumers believe that technology will continue to pave the way to a better quality of life and a more sustainable future.

The implementation of smart home/smart office systems, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR)/extended reality (XR), the IoT and the underlying infrastructure that powers these advancements is where technology providers’ expertise becomes critical.

Intel is here to help you navigate a successful path to the future. Take the next step with peek into what the ‘Next 50’ holds.