Drive Revenue Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have seen my recent post about the Intel® Data-Centric Innovation Summit. At the Summit, we made a number of announcements around our vision for data-centric computing and our product roadmap. Part of that vision is bringing prosperity to our partners and helping our partners leverage our portfolio to capture their share of a booming market.

This is where Intel® Select Solutions come into play. Intel Select Solutions are pre-verified and configured infrastructure stacks for targeted workloads including hybrid cloud, storage, network transformation, analytics and HPC.

Plus, three new Intel Select Solutions coming soon:

– Intel® Select Solutions for SAP* HANA Certified Appliances

– Intel® Select Solutions for AI: Big DL on Apache Spark*

– Intel® Select Solutions for Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric

They are validated by Intel for rapid deployment. They’ve been designed specifically to help Intel partners address the needs of their end-user customers easily and readily. The objective here is not just happy customers, but generous margins for our partners.

Intel Select Solutions: Built with Ease In Mind for Partners

When modernizing customer data centers to take advantage of the hybrid cloud, Intel® Select Solutions can speed IT-driven business transformation. For customers upgrading their networks, Intel® Select Solutions offer a fast and efficient deployment path of pre-tested and reliable infrastructure with verified configurations that support emerging customer workloads. For those customers with HPC environments, Intel® Select Solutions bring data to life by utilizing proven technology that delivers deeper insights and more complex problem-solving capabilities. There are also Intel Select Solutions built for advanced analytics and storage.

Intel Select Solutions

Proven Platforms Accelerate Partners’ Time-To-Revenue

Each Intel® Select Solution has been developed by Intel in collaboration with a leading industry ISV partner and are available through our select group of system providers. We understand that our partners require more than best-of-breed technology. You also want ease of implementation, rock-solid reliability and ongoing support—the same requirements your customers have of you. This is why Intel Select Solutions are essentially an “easy button” for our partners.

I invite you to attend an upcoming Tech Provider Zone free, live, social chat entitled “Move Faster with Intel Select Solutions” with Intel representatives.

In the meantime, learn how Intel Select Solutions can accelerate your revenues and help increase your gross profits.