Transformation: It’s Not Just For Your Customers

Selling “boxes” with a few add-on’s is no longer a sustainable business model unto itself. Today, it goes well beyond. Now, it is about solving business challenges in innovative ways and proactively recommending technology solutions that stretch from end-to-end. It is about employing technology that will enable your customers to operate more efficiently and with greater visibility, compete on a higher level thanks to data-driven insights, enter new markets or expand their global footprint with solutions that easily scale. This requires a modern, data-centric approach to business. Today, it is all about helping your customers along their digital transformation journey and transforming your own business in the process.

The good news is that businesses of all types are eager to find an edge. They want to learn more about innovative technology and new ways of doing business. They want to understand how to harness the value in their data. The question for technology providers is: How can you help your customers employ technology to their greatest advantage?

Realize Your Potential
It begins with evolving your own business model and identifying where your opportunities lie. Intel® Technology Provider stands ready to help you in this regard. We are committed to providing the full array of resources our technology provider partners need for success. We have you covered in each customer-facing area from education and training, to marketing and sales, to technical support.

Intel Technology Provider Can Help You Drive The Future
Intel Technology Provider is so much more than a loyalty program. As a member, you can:
• Obtain exclusive access to training and insights to develop a deeper understanding of the latest technology and trends including hybrid cloud solutions and multi-cloud environments that transform the data center
• Get visibility into the best applications of new technologies and receive guidance on deploying solutions across a wide range of industries
• Access a host of enablement tools including access to events, case studies and world-class support.
Earn points on qualifying purchases of Intel® products and redeem those points for Intel® technology, business travel, demo units, and more.

Get your customers on the path to transformation by beginning your own journey.

Your solutions. Our technology. Smarter together.