You Know About Intel® Optane™ Technology. But How Much Do You Really Know?

By now, you’ve no doubt seen or read about Intel® Optane™ technology and understand it is a breakthrough in memory technology and storage. There are a range of products in the Intel Optane family—and more to come—that are tuned for different use cases. But, how deep does your knowledge run about Intel Optane technology? And, more importantly, how ready are you to specify the proper solutions that will be really meaningful to your customers?

We’ve developed a three-part video training series to help you understand what Intel Optane is, how it works, and how it will benefit users in a variety of use cases. This is knowledge you can take to market. Read on to learn some of what we cover.

Intel Optane Technology is an ultra-responsive, radically innovative technology available in either the form of memory or storage. This makes the technology widely available to benefit customers with a wide range of system configurations.

For PC users, the Intel Optane™ Memory M.2 module amplifies performance while preserving the use of SATA HDDs. Essentially, the addition of Intel Optane Memory provides SSD-like performance without the expense of SSDs. So, your customers keep the capacity andincrease performance.

“How?” you ask. This innovative memory accelerator uses Intel® 3D Xpoint Memory Media and Intel® Rapid Store Technology to give SSD-like performance to hard disk drive-based PCs. It actually learns the users’ most common computing behaviors. Then, recalling those behaviors, it makes those apps and files readily accessible—cutting lag and load times to deliver improved responsiveness and better performance.

Customers who have already adopted PCIe SSD technology but still want more, could benefit from Intel® Optane™ SSD storage. Also leveraging Intel 3D XPoint Memory Media, Intel Optane SSDs bring workstation-class performance to professional users, content creators and PC gamers.

Intel Optane SSD storage options scale as workloads escalate. Starting with the low-profile PCIe M.2 SSD 800P that accelerates boot time and application launch, up to the SSD 905P that delivers top performance for random storage read/write operations with extremely low latency and high endurance.

Learn more about what Intel Optane technology is, how it works, and how your customers can benefit from this radically innovative technology. Complete the training, test your skills and enter to win prizes!

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