Intel® Does the Heavy Lifting with Customized Data Center Solutions

Making It Easier to Deliver Competitive Server Solutions

Designing custom server solutions is a costly and resource-intensive process. This complexity can be reduced with Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB.) These are fully validated, unbranded server systems that include Intel’s latest data center technology. By taking advantage of Intel’s engineering and validation resources, resellers can reduce both capital and operational expenses with integrated server systems, like the Intel® DCB for Business.

Meet Business-Critical Demands

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Business are built to address a variety of challenges facing business IT. Each configuration is optimized for a specific workload or business scenario.

Entry Server Blocks are pre-configured and fully-validated server solutions that are optimized for small enterprises and cloud service providers. These are integrated 1U rack systems that are powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor E3 family to deliver high memory, I/O and storage capacity, fast application loading and performance, and support for multiple users. Entry Server Blocks are well-suited for web infrastructure, public cloud hosting, enterprise applications and storage.

SMB Server Blocks are cost-efficient, easy to manage and scale as a business grows. This configuration offers an optimized solution with high levels of built-in security and reliability for small and medium businesses. The SMB Server Block is a semi-integrated product that includes Intel components and 3rd party memory, in an unbranded offering. This solution is tuned for SMB, embedded, storage and security appliance applications.

Software Guard Extensions Server Blocks feature Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) for cryptographic security. This configuration is built for content delivery networks, cloud service providers, communications networks and financial institutions. These systems are designed for information security workloads and use Intel’s industry-leading cryptographic isolation technology. Intel® SGX provides protected areas in memory that increase security for selected code and data on compromised platforms.

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud, Networking and HPC

Intel® Data Center Blocks are server building blocks designed to target specific segments including Cloud, Networking, HPC and Business. These purpose-built systems help technology providers:

  • Speed Time to Market—with fully-validated building blocks that reduce complexity, costs and time spent.
  • Drive Innovation—allowing you to focus on differentiation and value-add while accelerating customers’ IT transformation.
  • Increase Adoption—by leveraging Intel’s reputation for quality, reliability and value to help you close sales.

Select from workload-optimized systems or customize a solution unique to your customers’ needs.

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