3 Reasons Top Tech Providers Turn to Tech Provider Zone

You’ve heard it before: data is the currency of modern business. We’re seeing more and more data being created every day—data that flows to and through the data center. Increasingly, businesses are seeking end-to-end technology solutions that can capture, conceptualize, analyze and ultimately help them monetize this influx of data. These businesses—your customers— will require the power of Intel® technology coupled with the expertise of their trusted technology provider—you—to remain competitive.

Stay Up-To-Date or Risk Falling Behind

Intel is positioned to be the end-to-end platform provider for the new data world. And, Intel® Technology Providers who are in the know will be positioned to be the solution architects for their customers. This will enable new and powerful business applications that define the way modern businesses operate in the data-centric world. To be in the know—and stay in the know—make it a habit to visit the Tech Provider Zone.

The Tech Provider Zone:

  1. Acts as an educational and informational resource for technology providers.
  2. Contains the content you need to discover and understand emerging trends and opportunities, so you can apply Intel® technology to power new business applications.
  3. Showcases Intel technology in action—helping you draft your own blueprint for success.

Top Stories on Tech Provider Zone

Keep up with the latest technology, business use cases and market insights that impact your customers, your sales and your business achievements. These are a few of the trending stories on Tech Provider Zone:

Microsoft Shifts Focus Away From Windows, Toward AI & Cloud    Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, announced a major corporate reorganization. The moves shift Microsoft’s focus away from Windows and toward the newer technologies of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. As part of the shift, Microsoft is creating two new groups. Read more.

Why Smart-Home Devices Are Coming Soon To Smart Businesses    In recent years we’ve seen other consumer technologies invade the workplace. Mainly, that’s been through the pressure of end users. After using tablets, smartphones and social media at home, end users wanted to use these technologies at work, too. Next up should be smart-home tech. So, where’s the market for tech providers? Find out here.

Heard Microsoft’s New Vision For Computing’s Future?    Satya Nadella used his opening remarks at Microsoft’s Build 2018 conference to outline the company’s bold new strategy for an equally bold new scene for computing. Learn what it is.

Research Roundup: CEOs Like IT, Consumers Stressed By Cybersecurity    CEOs are seriously on board with digital transformation. And consumers are seriously freaked out by cybersecurity breaches. That’s from two just-released surveys. Get your update here.

Lenovo & HP Offer New Types Of PCs For New Types Of Work    Over the decades, work has become more mobile, and in response, laptop systems have become smaller and lighter. Now, with the rise of the cloud, it’s the desktop’s turn to change. HP and Lenovo are the latest to introduce new form-factor PCs. See the shift in the shape of computing.

Take a few minutes each day to stay in the company of those in know! Visit the Tech Provider Zone.