Powering the AI Revolution – Insight for Technology Providers

There’s a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence will emerge and potentially impact us in our daily lives. What is true, what is hype and what is false will eventually be seen. But, what we know for sure is the train is on the tracks, it is rolling and it is gathering speed. As a technology provider, it is more important today than ever before to be on the leading edge—to be the authority for your customers. Intel® is here to help put you on the leading edge of AI.

Here’s how:

Transforming Promise into Reality

Intel’s portfolio of hardware and software technologies is built to make the promise of artificial intelligence’s transformative power a reality. Intel delivers a highly-optimized suite of capabilities to help your customers get started with AI using the same infrastructure already running their business operations. Furthermore, you can equip your customers for the more complex compute demands of AI in the future.

Is Artificial Intelligence Relevant to Your Business?

You may not think AI is relevant to your business now, however, as it becomes part of everyday conversations, more and more of your customers will want to understand and explore their options. They will look to their trusted technology partners for use cases and proof of concepts that they can apply to their own operations.

The healthcare industry, for one, already has examples of practical AI applications in use today. For example, Chilean-based startup, AccuHealth has developed a patient-centric healthcare model that shifts facility-based care to preventative, home-based remote care. The Broad Institute has developed an AI-driven Genome Analysis Toolkit to analyze genomic data to better understand diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. GE Healthcare is using artificial intelligence and Intel® Xeon® processors to improve medical imaging—resulting in significant savings for healthcare systems.

Begin Your AI Journey

Anticipate that artificial intelligence will become part of your business conversations and take the initiative to be on the leading edge of those conversations—and eventually, those implementations.

Join Intel for a unique social chat specifically for technology providers on May 2, 2018. This live online chat will cover topics such as:

  • How you and your customers can start ramping up AI initiatives today
  • Using existing Intel Xeon processor-based infrastructure for AI
  • Acquiring new capabilities supported by the Intel AI portfolio, as you expand the use of AI across customer organizations

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