Marketers Are From Mars, Salespeople Are From Venus

Our personalities draw us towards certain professions and proficiencies. It’s what makes us unique. It’s what makes us interesting. When different personalities and skill sets blend together in harmony, the results can be music to our ears. When they clash, the result can be a lot of noise.

The Gap

For many solution provider organizations, sales and marketing teams are not harmonizing as well as they could. It is as if marketers are from Mars and salespeople are from Venus. A recent study conducted by The Channel Company points to a rift between perceptions and expectations between sales and marketing. It suggests that the gap is widening and merely 23 percent of solution provider sales executives look at marketing as extremely important to the organization. It goes on to say that there are differences when it comes to marketing needs, skills, and tactics to support the growth of their organizations—with sales gravitating to telesales and events and marketers jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon.

Seeing Eye to Eye

The alignment of sales and marketing toward a common goal—sales growth—is essential for success. Luckily, this goal is shared by both sides. That’s a good start! The next step is to foster collaboration between these teams to identify goals, set reasonable expectations and formulate strategies. The harder part, especially for organizations with a limited or nonexistent marketing staff, is actually executing on their marketing plans to win business.

A Fine Place to Start

Solution providers aren’t expected to be marketers—and that’s okay. It is why Intel® makes a suite of tools and resources available at your fingertips. It’s called Intel® Partner Marketing Studio and it’s like having an expert marketing staff at your service. Intel® marketing campaigns, tactics, assets, and best-practice knowledge are delivered to you with easy co-branding and implementation tools—resulting in higher quality leads, an increased marketing pipeline, and more revenue. What do you get?

  • Ready-made, customizable marketing materials
  • Assets organized by marketing tactics (digital, social, print, etc.)
  • Campaigns tailored to vertical markets and specific technologies/products
  • Logos, images, POS materials, and more
  • And, we teach you how to use it all.

So, whether you are from Mars or Venus, you can rest assured there’s common ground and a path that leads toward the shared goal of success.