Bring IoT Solutions to Your Customers—Faster, Easier

Technology providers know better than anyone just how challenging it can be to bring new technologies to their customers. The reality is that it can become even harder to do when the proposed solution must be custom designed and built. And, the newer the technology, the more difficult it can be to convey the benefits in terms that end-user customers can comprehend.

Intel® Reduces Complexity

The Intel® Internet of Things Group has revamped their roadmaps for developer tools and IoT solution resources as a result of feedback from our developers and partners in the IoT ecosystem. The goal was to make it easier and faster for technology providers to get their ideas to market. These are among the resources that are now available to Intel® Technology Providers:

  • Newer Ingredients
  • Richer Tools, Kits and SDKs
  • IoT RFP-Ready Kits
  • Intel IoT Market-Ready Solutions

From Prototype to Production

The core essentials a technology provider needs to prototype a custom solution quickly is now available in request for proposal (RFP)-ready kits, which bundle hardware, middleware, software, sensors and support into one neat package. RFP-ready kits are focused on specific use cases, like visual retail, smart buildings, security surveillance and remote health care. There’s even a handy playbook to help you along.

For faster deployments that are customer-ready, there are built-to-scale Market-Ready Solutions available for instant implementation. For example, there’s the new Dell* V5 Solution, a self-powered, portable, artificial intelligence security solution that provides ongoing video monitoring and advanced analytics. The Hayward Police Department in California has already deployed these units and has experienced a significant reduction in the number of downtown thefts and other street crimes by more than 60 percent.1

Visit our Intel Developer Zone for IoT or the IoT Solutions Alliance for other resources and to get a jump-start on your next project.

Building excitement for IoT and implementing solutions just got a lot easier!

1Source: V5 Systems Case Study, City of Hayward