Forward-Thinking Technology Providers Lead with IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) possesses amazing potential to drive economic value and social change by providing the engine for digital transformation. Yet, scores of things capable of being connected still remain unconnected. The reason? Businesses, governments and educational institutions are simply not in the position to connect these devices on their own. They need the help that only experienced solution providers can bring to assist them in building a defined and repeatable foundation for their devices to connect. Once this happens, customers can then tap new markets faster by gleaning actionable intelligence through better customer insights.

Waiting for Customers to Ask? Lead the Way!

No matter what industry or sector your customers are in, IoT can change their current modus operandi in astonishing ways. Hospitality companies are using IoT technologies to create more rewarding in-room experiences for leisure and business travelers. Healthcare providers are connecting end points to empower machine learning and AI, so they can respond more rapidly to life-threatening events. Connected IoT technology gives educators access to digital tools, content and data that accelerates their personalized learning curriculum efforts. Government agencies are able to collaborate by using emerging IoT–based solutions to enhance citizen services and keep people safer. It’s up to solution providers though, to bring these exciting new opportunities to the forefront.

Proactive Tech Providers Pave Their Road to Revenue

Being proactive about talking to your customers about the ways in which IoT could be put to work for them means a bit of evangelizing on your part. The good news for solution providers is that they don’t have to go it alone. Designed specifically with our technology provider partners in mind, Intel® has developed a roadmap of integrated hardware and software products to support the IoT platform. The roadmap encompasses everything from edge devices all the way out to the cloud, including:

  • API management and service creation software
  • Edge-to-cloud connectivity and analytics
  • Intelligent gateways

Security is omnipresent in the roadmap, with both dedicated security products, as well as embedded security features in all other hardware and software products. Finally, our ongoing promise to our partners is that we will continue to evolve and optimize this roadmap to help address the key challenges technology providers are facing when implementing IoT for their customers.

Think ahead and learn how to bring the IoT to your customers today.