VR Excites NFL Fans and More

While there is no experience like attending an NFL game in person, thanks to cutting-edge technology there is now the “next best thing.” For the 2017 season, the NFL partnered with Intel® to create a new Virtual Reality experience for their fans. This VR technology is putting fans right into the middle of the action—from the comfort of their living rooms—by using post-game content to provide them with a unique experience. The NFL’s VR application can put fans anywhere in the stadium. They can select to view the best plays from a variety of different perspectives. Viewers can even take part in the post-game analysis with the host and analyst.

VR and AR Go Well Beyond Entertainment

While the NFL scenario is one grand example of a consumer VR application, virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the way that businesses, educational institutions and governments think and operate. In fact, Gartner is predicting that 25 perfect of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual assistant technologies of some variety by 2023. In the education field, VR has the power to change the way students work in subject areas ranging from science and math, to career exploration. In municipalities, drones are the newest smart fleet of vehicles, with agencies using them for everything from aerial surveillance, to fire departments assessing building structure integrity. So, while consumer uses of VR and AR are cool, the business applications that solution providers can deliver today via VR and AR technologies are real—and potentially quite profitable!

VR and AR Driving Creative, New Opportunities

Solution Providers have many tools at their disposal to design, develop and deliver these new VR- and AR-based applications. Check out some extraordinarily creative use cases that are already in play—like the wine bottles that can “talk” to you.

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