Why Technology Providers Should Care About Sustainability

When it comes to social and environmental responsibility, sustainability is at the top of the list for many organizations. Sustainability is inherently forward looking, but businesses and organizations need to meet performance goals, now. The mandate to drive positive business outcomes—while simultaneously respecting environmental limits and social needs—presents a massive opportunity for technology and technology providers.

Smart Utilization of Technology is Driving Sustainability Initiatives

Take for example, technologies supporting basic green initiatives that reduce power consumption, lower an organization’s carbon footprint and monitor and manage water usage and treatment. Or, consider how the Internet of Things enables companies to operate green, smart buildings that run more efficiently and operate in more eco-friendly ways.

At Intel’s campus in India for instance, approximately 10,000 sensors track and optimize temperature, lighting and energy consumption. Seventy percent of the sensors located in the building’s digital ceiling provide 24/7 real-time data. This data is collected and analyzed, helping facility managers improve building performance and conserve resources. Data gathered from the smart ceiling provides insight into actual usage rates of the conference rooms and training rooms, helping to optimize future designs.

What supports these sustainability initiatives? Technology and the services of skilled providers.

Discussing Sustainability with Customers

Awareness and social consciousness are driving forces behind the escalation of environmental and social imperatives as core elements of corporate responsibility. Employees reflect their companies’ reputations and want to align with employers who share like values. Consumers care about where the things they buy are made and sourced. Companies that are transparent and demonstrate a culture focused on sustainability will be rewarded with loyalty.

As a trusted business partner, part of your responsibility to your customer is to help them employ technology to reach their goals and improve their outcomes. Have you asked your customers about their commitment to sustainability? Perhaps it’s time you should.

Supporting Sustainability with the Technology You Know   

As a technology provider, you are already an expert at the technology being used to empower sustainability. IoT alone has created incredible efficiencies and increases in productivity, while also reducing costs. IoT is accelerating digital transformation through machine-to-machine communications, artificial intelligence and deep learning. The underpinnings of these are driven by technologies like mobile, cloud, big data and edge computing.

Learn how what you already know can lead to new conversations with your customers about sustainability—and why it matters.